ApproachesTo Addiction And Recovery

ApproachesTo Addiction And Recovery

It was in 1935 when Alcoholics Anonymous was
established by doctors Bob Smith and Bill Wilson.
These two doctors have changed the approach to
addiction and recovery forever.

Substance abuse is rampant and the doctors believed
that individuals suffering from this form of addiction
can’t possibly recover by themselves. Substance
addiction can’t be eradicated unless brought to public

Most of today’s recovery programs follow the ‘step
program’ designed by Doctor Smith and Wilson. The
program is used whether the addiction is due to the
use of cocaine, nicotine, heroin, speed, and any other

In order to be successful in addiction recovery, the
patient or the addict should be able to admit to one’s
self that they are helpless. These addicts are
helpless to their addictions and they need a superior
power that they can rely on as they struggle against
addiction. They must be able to forgive themselves to
make way for complete recovery.

The program designed by Doctor Smith and Wilson have
religious sentiments. Individuals who have very little
belief in a higher being will not be able to
appreciate the program. If they don’t believe in the
program from the very start, it will not work for
them. Recovery will not be realized.

Most of the addicts of today’s times strongly believe
that their addiction is emotional and physical in
nature and so they don’t think they need spiritual

To answer this, drug programs try to introduce to the
patients intensive counseling. Through intensive
counseling, the advocate will help the patient to
understand that they are still of great value to their
family and to the society despite their addiction.

However, in order for this approach to work, families
and friends of the patient should always be there
through the entire recovery process. They should be
able to provide support and love so that the patient
can stay away from drugs. This is one way to help the
patients rebuild their own lives.

Oftentimes, addicts have group of friends. Once they
go back to the real world, they should be able to keep
away from destructive friendships and this can be very
hard for them. Temptations are everywhere and the
patient will struggle hard to fight the temptations.
The patient should have the strength to stay away from
harmful relationships which will only lead them back
to addiction.

Recovery programs also emphasize behavior
modification. The patient should be made to understand
that the physical dependency on the drugs or substance
started with an emotional pain. Emotions and attitudes
are the roots to addiction. The patients should give
importance to their emotions and attitudes.

They should not let these things lead them to the use
of drugs or other substances. It is only the patient
who can say ‘no’ to addiction and the support groups
will just guide them in their struggle for new life.

If you’re determined to stop your addiction, you
should seek immediate help. In most cases, you will
undergo drug recovery programs which make use of the
program designed by Doctor Smith and Wilson. Thanks to
these two doctors because the addicts of today can be
treated with a program that is effective.

If you have a loved one with addiction problems or
perhaps you’re the one with the problem, decide now
because your future depends on it.