THC Detox

THC Detox Marijuana is one of the most commonly used drugs in the United States, especially popular to teenagers and other people who cannot afford to buy other designer drugs. Since it is relatively cheaper and can easily be passed on from one person to another, despite the influx of other illicit drugs marijuana is …

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baby boomers and drug abuse

baby boomers and drug abuse Baby Boomers and Drug Abuse, Hear From the Experts Historically, substance abuse is primarily concentrated among teens as well as young adults. However, the major concern lies on older adults. As the baby boomers ages, the older adult’s population increases contributing in the large proportions of marijuana users and other …

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Marijuana Detox

Marijuana Detox As you may know, marijuana has been the most commonly used illegal drugs in the United States. Many lives were ruined by the use of it, but still, more and more people are becoming dependent to it. Drug addicts have used it to answer their cravings and it’s heartbreaking to know that many …

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