Cops Bust Drug Ring

Cops Bust Drug Ring

You can hear it or see it in the news all the time. When cops bust up a drug ring, they are often hailed as heroes – and they pretty much are. Drug rings are sophisticated networks of drug dealers who distribute drugs in a widespread area. They begin with one person responsible for importing or manufacturing drugs. Those drugs are given to a second level person who distributes to individual dealers who sell the drugs on the street.

The people who run these drug rings are living a lavish lifestyle and profiting off the drugs that they peddle. Some of the biggest drug ring busts we hear about occur along the coastlines where smugglers will bring over large quantities of drugs from places like Columbia or Costa Rica.

But cops bust drug rings all the time right here in the United States. A quick “Google” search shows all sorts of news stories about how police have busted up drug rings in American cities. These busts usually involve intense surveillance and take quite a bit of time in order to build a case against the dealers.

Drug rings are located all over the United States, Canada, and also in foreign countries. You see, drugs are big business, so when these dealers find a way to increase their traffic and make more money, that’s when they begin to form a drug ring. When cops go to bust a drug ring, they have spent a lot of time building a case against the people involved.

Drug kingpins who run drug rings find out quite quickly that a bust is a very “expensive” endeavor. By “expensive”, we mean all assets acquired by the leader will be seized if cops suspect those assets were bought with drug money. Bank accounts are frozen, and personal property is gathered as the case against the leader gets stronger.

When cops bust a drug ring, the people who are arrested face a pretty hefty sentence as well. These vary from state to state and from country to country of course, but in general, sentences can run anywhere from 10 years to life in a penitentiary. They also face hefty fine and their families are inevitably affected.

Busting drug rings is a high priority for not only our federal government, but also for state and local municipalities. It’s essential for controlling the effects that drugs have on our society. When cops bust more drug rings, that’s one less chance that drugs will be available for sale and consumption – and then we can begin winning the war on drugs!