Do I Need To See A Doctor?

´╗┐Do I Need To See A Doctor?

When you are sick, do you immediately make an appointment to see your doctor? Do you ever consider making an attempt to treat your illness without seeking a doctor’s advice?

If you consider treating minor illnesses at home, you may save yourself, not only hundreds of dollars, but time. Naturally there are illnesses that only a Physician can diagnose, and treat. I am referring to illnesses that almost all of us at one time or another has been plagued with.

For a good example, the common cold can be easily treated at home with over the counter medication, increased fluids, and rest. Yet millions of people continue to seek a doctor to treat a common cold?

Illnesses that can be treated at home:

Just what illnesses can be safely treated in ones home, without consulting a doctor? Many Illnesses can be treated at home with over the counter medication. Illnesses such as; colds, flu, stomach aches, mild diarrhea, stress headaches, and minor skin irritations. All of the above illnesses can be treated safely from home, without a costly visit to a doctor. Naturally one should keep in mind there are guidelines to follow when deciding, doctor or no doctor?

Here are some guidelines to follow when deciding to treat illnesses at home.

– You feel only slightly ill
– Your symptoms are mild, and relieved with rest.
– You temperature is under 100 degrees.
– You are not getting relief of symptoms with over the counter medication.
– Nausea and or vomiting are relieved by over the counter medication within 4 hours.
– Diarrhea that is relieved within 8 hours with over the counter medication.
– Headache Pain is relieved with over the counter medication within 4 hours.
– Depending on the problem, minor skin problems can be treated with hosts of over the counter medications. Note; improvement should be noted within time period that is listed on given medication information. Otherwise see ones physician.

When to see a Doctor:

If your illness requires you to see a doctor, go to your doctor’s appointment prepared to supply him with a good description of your illness. Inform the doctor of any and all over the counter medication you have taken. Along with any prescribed medication you take on a daily bases. Give him a clear description of your symptoms. When did the symptoms appear? When or what makes the symptoms worse? Did any measures you tried at home decrease the symptoms? A good description of your illness can help the doctor better understand your condition, and aid greatly in the doctors treatment plan.

– Chest pain or heart related pain should always be considered an emergency. A doctor should be seen as soon as possible.
– Pain that is unusual, in severity and duration. Also, it is out of the normal that you have ever experienced before.
– No pain relief with over the counter medication or a notable increase in discomfort.
– Dizziness or visual disturbances.
– Speech irregularities.
– Nausea and or vomiting that is unrelieved by over the counter medication within 4 hours.
– Diarrhea that does not subside within 8 hours or shows increase in liquidity.
– Notable Blood in stool.
– Temperature over 101.0 degrees.
– Symptoms that are out of the norm, those appear to be chronic and unrelieved, and have become worrisome.
– A cold, flu or stomach problems that seem to be getting worse, ever though you are getting rest, fluids, and over the counter medications.
– A sore throat, that is more painful then you have ever experienced. One loses the ability to speak because of laryngitis.
– Sputum that is overly thick, and odd in color. Such as gray, yellow or green or blood tinged. Sputum that is odorous.
– A cough that is chronic.
– Any injury due to an accident, bone breaks, burns, etc. One should always seek emergency medical care.
– Increase and unusual bruising, skin discolorations, lesions that won’t heal, unexplained lumps. Any moles should be assessed by a doctor.

I hope these tips will help you in deciding how to treat some simple medical problems and when you should truly seek help from your doctor.