Did you know that in Negril Jamaica, buildings should not be built higher than the palm trees? And do you know that Jamaica has 120 rivers and is the largest English-speaking among the Caribbean islands? These are only some of the fun facts about Jamaica. This island in the Caribbean has a lot more interesting stories to tell us.

Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean that boasts of its diverse landscapes and mild tropical climate all-year-round. The island is always associated with reggae music the way jazz is linked to New Orleans. Those are the facts about Jamaica that we probably all know. But did we ever hear that the island’s Blue Mountain district is the source of the best coffee in the world? This probably raised some people’s eyebrows. Italy and Costa Rica are just two of the known contenders for the best coffee crown, but few people would think that Jamaica is on the list.

The beautiful mountains, immaculate beaches and magnificent coral reefs of the island are facts about Jamaica that are the primary reasons for a tourist’s visit. There are a lot other things though, that the island is famous for. One is, its Bobsled Team which made history in the Calgary Olympics Winter Games several years back. The team further became popular because it has been the subject of the Walt Disney film “Cool Runnings”. Now, Jamaica Bobsled Team is currently working hard to continue bringing prestige to the island.

The existence of reggae music and the legacy of a Bob Marley are perhaps facts about Jamaica that people would never forget about the island. Dreadlocks are more than just a fashion statement. It virtually defines the island’s culture and is a strong symbol of the reggae genre.

Plants and animals that can be found on the island are as diverse as its topography. Well-known facts about Jamaica would tell you that like most tropical places, palm trees abound. More than 200 species of orchids have found their haven on the island and 73 of these are not found anywhere else. And if you think Blue Moons are just hypothetical terms expressed in songs, they actually happen in Jamaica.

There are scary facts about Jamaica that will likely spook even Freddy Krueger. The Jamaican form of voodoo, Obeahism, may be rare but is definitely still existent. This practice is considered a crime and is sanctioned by disciplinary actions like imprisonment.

Fun facts about Jamaica give us in-depth knowledge of the island. It made us realize how varied places in the world can be. That what some countries considered as taboo (like marijuana), are perfectly acceptable in others. And if Jerk sauce does not sound all that appealing, it is actually a world-famous recipe of Jamaica.