Free Herbal Samples

Free Herbal Samples

We’ve all heard of the many benefits of herbal products – how they work just as effectively as any synthetic drug, how they don’t cause any side-effects, and how they do countless other things that’s good for our health. But for all its many good qualities, herbal medicines don’t come cheap. Usually it costs a company about 0 million from the laboratory to patients. Herbal medicines are expensive because producing them doesn’t come cheap either. So what’s the best way for you to save money on your herbal treatments? Why not go for free samples?

The Internet is a wonderful source of free stuffs from free e-books, to free music, to free herbal samples. Below are some websites that offer to give you free herbal samples.

Free Herbal Samples –

Traditional Medicinals is an online pharmaceutical company that specializes in manufacturing organic, medicinal grade herbs. For thirty years, they have been providing enthusiasts in herbalism with fine teas that are known for their many benefits. To get a taste of their teas, they offer free herbal samples.

You can request for a pack of their free herbal samples by completely filling out their online form. Enter your name, mailing address, city, state, zip, and phone. You may also enter your email address but that is optional.

Finally, answer the following questions: “How did you hear about Traditional Medicinals?”; “Do you currently drink our teas?”; and “Would you like to receive email updates from us?” After answering all three questions, click on the button “Send to Traditional Medicinals” and in just a few days, you should be receiving your free herbal samples.

Free Herbal Samples —

Herbal Essences is a company that manufactures herbal products for hair care. Their most popular items are Herbal Essences Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner and you can get free herbal samples of these by joining the Cub Herbal, sponsored by the site.

To join and get your free herbal samples, select your date of birth from the drop down menu option and click “Continue.” After that, you will be redirected to a page where you are required to give your name, email address, full address, city, province, postal code, and gender. You also need to come up with a password and a password hint. After you’re done with that, you can press on “Continue” again and finish up the registration. You will get your free herbal samples a week after your registration has been confirmed.

Free Herbal Samples –

Lakota is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in Native American herbal formulas. You can get free herbal samples from this Canadian company by taking a quick survey provided at their site. When you fill in the answers to the questions posed in their survey, they will send you free herbalsamples of each of the Cool Sports Topical Pain Relieving Gel and Arthritis Topical Pain Relieving Gel they have as treatment supplement for arthritis.

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