Hawaiian herbal hybrid buds

´╗┐Hawaiian herbal hybrid buds

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Hawaiian herbal hybrid buds

Hawaiian herbal hybrid buds are extremely potent Hawaiian strain of wild lettuce opium buds hydro-ponically grown and hybrid with another potent herb called cannabae bud. Hawaiian herbal hybrid buds are fresh wild opium Hawaiian scent. It is a bit sticky similar to that of Indica marijuana. Well dried Hawaiian herbal hybrid buds are easy to roll out. The buds are sized larger than the weed bud. The joints were from pure hybrid buds with no mixes. The plant gives an interesting opium scent in the room once lit. Its taste is often described as sweet and fresh with exotic Hawaiian taste. It produces a relaxing and hypnotic effect.

This is a great legal bud and herbal alternative smokes. These produce are freshly picked and bagged from the 2000 acre reserve in Hawaii. It is distinctive from anything else that is legally available today because of its very powerful, fluffy and very fresh herb like smell. Hawaiian herbal hybrid buds are among the top herbal smokes. A number of customers could attest to its great value. Many satisfied customers repeatedly order Hawaiian herbal hybrid buds on a monthly basis. This is one of the top herbal smokes. And it considered the number one selling legal bud today which includes: All bud, Ultra fresh, smooth burning in a pipe or rolled with paper.

Hawaiian herbal hybrid buds are neither illegal street drug nor are they designed to be alternatives to illegal street drugs. The Hawaiian herbal hybrid buds are not copies of any illegal drugs. And these herbal buds are used and sought for due to their own properties which are not patterned after illegal drugs. These herbs are not intended to be a substitute for any medicine or drug whether legal or not. They are not marijuana substitutes or legal marijuana. And the products do not contain marijuana at all. FDA strongly prohibits labeling Hawaiian herbal hybrid buds as legal drug alternative, legal marijuana alternatives, legal highs, herbal highs and other monikers.

Hawaiian herbal hybrid buds may be all natural ingredients and they do not contain tobacco or nicotine, still being an herbal smoke and herbal cigarette, these products may prove to be hazardous to your health. One of its effects is that Hawaiian herbal hybrid buds produce tar and carbon monoxide when smoked. Hawaiian herbal hybrid buds are not intended to cure, prevent or treat any disease. They should not be taken or ingested when you are taking MAO (mono amines oxidase) inhibitors. Consult your doctor before using Hawaiian herbal hybrid buds especially if you are taking any prescription medications.

Hawaiian herbal hybrid buds are sold to customers 18 years old and above. Do not do any hazardous activities after using Hawaiian herbal hybrid buds. Avoid driving your vehicle, operating any machinery or any activities that require mental alertness. Hawaiian herbal hybrid buds are also sold as legal bud combination with other powerful exotic herbal smokes and legal buds.