Herbal abortions

Herbal abortions

KWD: 15/428 = 3.50%

Herbal abortions

Herbal abortions refer to giving herbs that will induce miscarriage. Herbal abortions work about 40-45% of the time. The chances for herbal abortions to succeed occur between the time menstruation is due until menstruation is two weeks late. The later menstruation becomes the lesser are the possibilities that the herbs will work. In using herbs for herbal abortions, caution must be exercised and one should not use the essential oils of these herbs internally since these are potent herbs that could cause poisoning if ingested. The following herbs are used for herbal abortions:

Angelica/Dong Quai is a uterine stimulant which is used in herbal abortions due to its ability to strengthen and coordinate contractions to aid the uterus in expelling its contents.

Black cohosh is another herb used in abortions. This herb aids in relaxing and opening the cervix. And it has the capacity to ‘ripen the cervix’ and prepare it for childbirth.

Blue cohosh is another uterine stimulant used in herbal abortions that contains the unique properties that induce the uterus to contract. It is usually taken before menstruation is due or at 5 to 6 weeks of pregnancy.

Cotton Root Bark is used in herbal abortions due to its capacity to interfere with progesterone and the corpus luteum which would stimulate uterine contraction.

Evening primrose is another herb used in herbal abortions. This is applied externally in order to ‘ripen the cervix’ which refers to the condition of the cervix during the birthing process. This is used to help the cervix relax encouraging the cervix to dialate the way it does when giving birth and release the unwanted pregnancy.

Parsley is used to induce herbal abortions. This should be complemented with other herbs or vitamin C. This is used to start a late period that is not due to pregnancy. This can be used as a pessary or vaginal suppository and prepare the cervix for release.

Pennyroyal is more toxic option used herbal abortions. Caution should be exercised in using this substance.

Pineapple is commonly used in abortions where pineapple abounds. It is used to end pregnancy due to its ability to induce heavier bleeding when menstruating and miscarriage when pregnant.

Tansy is used to terminate pregnacies which are known to cause side effects if used to induce miscarriage. Exercise caution when taking this substance since this is the most toxic herb you can use for herbal abortions.

Vitamin C is used in herbal abortions because of its ability to interfere with progesterone. It is one of the least toxic options in herbal abortions.