Herbal Diet Aids

Herbal Diet Aids

Since the ancient times, humans maintained an interdependent relationship with nature and herbs. Nature provides man with food. Herbs are part of nature. It is a cycle wherein everything is interlinked.

Man used herbs to improve his health or correct it, should any disorder occurs. And to this day, man continues to practice this. The fastest selling products in the food and drug market today are herbal products. And topmost among these herbal products are herbal diet aids.

Why herbal diet aids?

Almost every conceivable drug sold today has its herbal counterpart – from herbal weight loss pills to herbal diet aids and herbal nutrition. And usually, herbal diet aids sell better than conventional diet drugs. One might ask: How come? Especially since herbal diet aids are generally more expensive than synthetic ones.

One of the reasons why more people prefer herbal diet aids than synthetic drugs is the fact that they are natural. Herbal diet aids come from natural herbs that have been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine. These herbs have a long history of health benefits and medicinal uses. That these benefits are mostly unproven is beside the point. The fact that they’re natural and have been around for a long time makes them safe to use.

Another reason for the popularity of herbal diet aids is that they are purported to have no side effects. Too many people have stopped using conventional weight loss drugs because of some adverse side effects. Also, synthetic drugs are said to interact with other drugs and cause complications in the individual’s health. Manufacturers of herbal diet aids claim that their products do not have any side effects. If otherwise, the cases are usually isolated.


For all the benefits that herbal diet aids have, they do cause effects that are anything but beneficial to the body. It is perhaps understandable to automatically label natural products as “safe.” However, this idea is not always true. Herbal diet aids are not necessarily safer than synthetic drugs simply because they are “natural” and come from plants. There are several species of plants that can be considered as poisonous. Others may cause adverse reactions in the body, especially in the presence of other drugs ingested by the individual.

The herb, ephedra (Chinese ma huang), for instance, was used as an ingredient in most herbal diet aids before it was banned by the FDA. This herb contains the substance ephedrine – also used in making amphetamines – which promotes a process, called thermogenesis. This process is one where the body converts fats, using them for energy. However, along with its thermogenic effects, ma huang was found to cause increased blood pressure, heart palpitations, increase heart rates, stroke, and sometimes even death.

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