Herbal Diuretics

´╗┐Herbal Diuretics

Edema or water retention is one of the serious health problems that are continually evolving. Many people were not able to exert much excess fluid which then leads to the onset of edema. Due to this fact, many companies have developed some herbal diuretics to help in the removal of excess fluid in the body. So today, herbal diuretics are among the many herbal items on the market that are commonly purchased.

Herbal diuretics are actually herbs that aid in the treatment of urinary and kidney problems. As they regulate water balance in the body, herbal diuretics are greatly considered as one of the best alternatives for losing excess fluid in the body in order to prevent the onset of some serious disorders such as heart and kidney disease.

However, herbal diuretics are not at all beneficial. Just like some of the over-the-counter prescriptions, herbal diuretics are also responsible for flushing out some of the essential minerals from the body. But still, herbal diuretics for many years still persist as a great choice for many people.

Numerous studies have been conducted for herbal diuretics. One of the findings has shown that among the best herbal diuretics that stimulate the kidneys, Goldenrod (Solidago cnadensis) is one of the strongest. Aside from that, the dandelion leaves are also found out to possess diuretic effects which can be compared to the prescription diuretic known as furosemide. Many clinical trials done in human subjects, however, have not been completed to confirm this claim. But still it is greatly noted that the dandelion leaves as well as its roots have a long history of use, and that for hundred of years, this form of herbal diuretics is used to treat liver, gall bladder, kidney, joint problems, and water retention.

Corn silk (Zea mays) is also considered as one of the powerful herbal diuretics. In fact, it has long been applied as a form of herbal diuretics, even though the human clinical trials did not find that this herb enhanced the urine output.

Aside from that, the horse chestnut seed which contains aescin has also been shown as one of the effective herbal diuretics. The studies performed had demonstrated that it reduces the post-surgical edema. And for that, a form of aescin that is injected into the bloodstream is often applied but still under the supervision of a professional.

With the rapid increase in the number of people who have water retention problem, many herbal diuretics are now offered in the market. And outside from those mentioned herbal diuretics, the horsetail, juniper oils, and cleavers, are also found out to be among the most powerful and effective herbal diuretics.