Herbal healer

Herbal healer

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Herbal healer

Herbal healer pertains to a person who practices alternative natural medicine using herbs to treat diseases. Herbal healers have a vast career path before them. Herbal healers must love botany to a certain degree because all herbal healers use plants in several forms for healing. Herbal healer uses essential oils, teas, tinctures, salves and other herbal preparations in treating ailments. Herbal healers could either be folk herbalists or clinical herbalists. Folk herbalists use mild herbal remedies, has fewer patients and grows their own plants. Clinical herbalists, on the other hand, have more patients, treats more serious conditions and work in a clinic. Herbs are the most popular among the alternative therapies. It is used by one in every ten people. As compared to chiropractic which is used by about one in every 13 people.

Several illnesses have been effectively by herbal healer using only natural herbal ingredients and some diet modifications. Some of these illnesses include: cancer, arthritis, heart problems, diabetes, depression, kidney problems, PMS and many others. They are relatively safe to use with one of the possibly fatal side effects that accompany prescription drugs. Although herbs recommended by healer oftentimes act as preventive measures not as treatment to diseases. Being a herbal healer can be a lucrative practice considering millions of Americans make 600 million trips to herbal healers a year. This is a solid proof that America has rediscovered the wonders of herbal medicine. Most herb schools do not require that you finished post-secondary education just to enroll. Schooling for herbal healers usually takes two to four years. Some offer part time courses for those who are interested.

To aid your decision in becoming an effective herbal healer you need to do the following:

Check good places to put up your practice. Cities provide larger number of patients compared to towns. But then you need to consider the cost of living and overhead expenses you might incur in your practice.

Decide if you need to work with other herbal healers or practice alone.

Promote yourself. Word of mouth is a very effective may to promote one’s practice. You can also offer free lectures at the library to discuss herbs and herbal healer practices.

Join professional organizations. This way you can have access to networking and continuing education opportunities related to the herbal healer.

Participate in the community. As herbal healer, it is very important to establish goodwill with the rest of the community. This will build your reputation and you will attract more clients.