Herbal Heat Wraps

Herbal Heat Wraps

If you frequent massage centers and spa clinics, then you’re probably familiar with herbal heat wraps. Herbal heat wraps has a long history of use. The people of ancient Egypt were the first to discover the many benefits of herbal heat wraps. Cleopatra, nicknamed the “Serpent of the Nile” used to soak herself in hot baths filled with natural herbs and aromatic spices to enhance her beautiful

According to the bible, Esther, a Jew, took a hot bath of oils and perfumes before she appeared to King Ahasuerus of Persia. Stunned by her beauty, the Persian King right then and there promised to give her anything, including half his kingdom if she but asks for it.

But the benefits of herbal heat wraps are not limited to enhancing physical beauty. Herbal heat wraps are said to have many therapeutic effects. For this reason, they are often used in spas and massages to keep down stress and promote relaxation.

Herbal Heat Wraps and Weight Loss

The benefits of herbal heat wraps depend on what kind of herbs they contain. Some herbal heat wraps contain herbs that are known for their thermogenic properties which can burn away fat while you relax in the comfort of such a wrap. If used properly, an effective herbal heat wrap can shape and sculpt your body by letting you lose inches and cellulite.

As a perk, some herbal heat wraps that are purported to help you lose weight contain detoxifying agents. So while you relax wrapped in thermogenic herbs, your body is also cleansed of toxic chemicals, thereby reducing blemishes to make your skin clearer and free of acne.

Herbal Heat Wraps and Stress

Herbal heat wraps may be used by some to aid in weight loss. However, this product actually gained its popularity because of its ability to relieve stress and fatigue. Herbal heat wraps are often combined with aromatherapy in order to relax the mind and soothe away the tension from the muscles of the body.

You can find herbal heat wraps at any health store near you. A neck wrap usually costs around . If that’s too expensive for you, you can also prepare your own herbal heat wrap at home. All you need is a few herbs which have relaxing effects, a stove, and a piece of cloth.

To start making your own herbal heat wrap, make a list of herbs that you need first. For starters, you can use dry rice, millet seed, and aromatherapy oils. These should be easy to find at any farm and feed store. And aromatherapy oils are readily available in health stores. Next, choose your fabric and cut according to desired size. Sew it up most of the way, place the filling, and then finish it off. Place it inside the microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute. The heat should hold for 10-15 minutes, enough time to get rid of cramps.

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