Herbal Medicine and Bruising

´╗┐Herbal Medicine and Bruising

Herbal medicines have generally surged up to their highest usage since the Food and Drug Administration decided to consider herbal medicines as dietary supplements in 1990. There had been some reports mentioning that the estimates of annual herbal medicine sales have elevated to between $ 2 and billion. Along with that rise of herbal medicine, the issue on herbal medicine and bruising emerged.

Many people since the rise of herbal medicine actually asked and searched for some possible link between herbal medicine and bruising. Greatly, many of them have found out certain links and some important consideration regarding herbal medicine and bruising.

In the first place, the issue on herbal medicine and bruising basically emerged due to the public question on what specific herbal medicine will be used and is effective for treating bruises. Speaking of bruising, it is interesting to know first that bruising occurs after a traumatic injury and it is generally consists of swelling and discoloration under the skin; however, there is no disruption of the skin. Such discoloration is said to change in color depending on the depth if the bruise. With that, the healing then takes days or even weeks, also depending on the severity of the bump or blow that caused the bruise.

From such information alone, knowing that bruising is such a form of disease, the function of herbal medicine is greatly needed. This is where the issue on herbal medicine and bruising occurs. Since the underlying purpose of the issue on herbal medicine and bruising is really to find some herbal remedies for such disease, it is just nice to mention some of the great supports for the link between herbal medicine and bruising.

Particularly, one of the great solutions that will answer some questions regarding the issue on herbal medicine and bruising is the function of Arnica, one of the well-known herbal medicines for bruising. Arnica is always suggested as both an internal and topical means to treat minor injuries. In fact, many experts that tackle the issue on herbal medicine and bruising often recommend the mixing 1 tablespoon of arnica tincture in 500 ml water as a treatment for bruise.

And outside from such fact that shows the link between herbal medicine and bruising, there is an herb known as Bellis, which is proven effective for treating injury to deep tissues, bruises after operations, and sprains. And also there was Comfrey which is also widely used in traditional medicine as a topical application to aid in treating wounds. These are just among the many notable herbs that will provide some answers and supports to the issue on the herbal medicine and bruising, and all of them act as good treatments for bruises.