Herbal Pet Remedy

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Man has relied on herbal medicine as his first line of defense against many ills and accidents. The early humans observed how animals used things found in nature for their own benefits. It is from animals then that man learned how to use leaves, earth, mud, and water in making soothing applications and treatments.

Today, herbal remedies are being used by a growing number of people. In the United States alone, herbal remedies have managed to generate a sale of .5 billion out of all products available in the food and drug supplement industry.

Herbal Pet Remedy

Herbal remedies are not exclusive to humans. Herbal pet remedy is steadily gaining some following from pet lovers and owners. The reality is, pets also suffer from disorders that are not different from those suffered by humans. Believe it or not, pets can also get arthritis, high blood pressure, obesity, and even cancer. And in order to treat these disorders without resorting to chemicals or scalpels, you need an herbal pet remedy.

Below is a list of common pet illnesses or complaints and their corresponding herbal pet remedy.

Herbal Pet Remedy for Car Sickness

Car sickness could be a problem for pets, especially those that are newly acquired. When you pick up your new pet from the adoption center or pet store, chances are, the animal has never been in a car, let alone a moving one. To combat car sickness in your pet, use an herbal pet remedy of ginger in tablet form.

Ginger is known to combat against feelings of nausea and studies have shown that it is effective in that job. As an added precaution, ask the breeder to your new pet the herbal pet remedy before you arrive to take it home.

Herbal Pet Remedy for Diarrhea

Pets may also suffer from loose bowel movement, or a disorder called diarrhea. The tree slippery elm has been to help in combating this disorder. An herbal pet remedy made from this tree coats the bowel and acts as a gentle calmative of the gastrointestinal tract. In case of worms or other parasites, your pet requires another herbal pet remedy.

Herbal Pet Remedy for Behavioral Problems

If your pet has nasty habits, such as eating their own droppings, then it could be that it is developing behavioral problems. A new herbal pet remedy recently came out that is supposed to stimulate the pet and keep them from acquiring these habits. The remedy is called Chorela. It is also known to enhance the immune system and treat dogs that lose pigment from their nose.

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