Herbal remedy UK

Herbal remedy UK

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Herbal remedy UK

Herbal remedy UK has been around for sometime. Although it is not exactly the oldest but herbal remedy in UK has steadily made some progress in the field of herbal medicine through the years. As more and more people are turning now for natural remedies to treat ailments, herbal remedy UK have soared to newer and greater heights. As a matter of fact, figures quoted on a recent report about herbal medicines in UK, revealed that British consumers now spend 130 million pounds per year on herbal remedies, aromatherapy oils and other alternative treatments. Forecasts pegged the herbal remedy UK market to reach 200 million pounds by 2008.

Agnus castus is one herbal remedy UK used to treat PMS, breastmilk in lactating mothers and improves fertility.

Aloe Vera is herbal remedy UK used in treating minor burns, scalds, cuts and sunburn.

Black cohosh is herbal remedy UK that is used to treat menstrual pain and menopausal hot flushes.

Buchu is an antiseptic, diuretic, anti-viral and vasolidator that is herbal remedy UK for urinary infections and for prostate inflammation, fluid retention and vaginal thrush.

Cat’s claw. This herbal remedy UK is used to treat and prevent infection.

German chamomile. This herbal remedy UK is used to treat indigestion, bowel syndromes, nervous tension, insomnia, teething problems in babies and other problems.

Calendula. This herbal remedy UK is for treating period pains, digestive irritation, colds, coughs and viruses.

Comfrey. This herbal remedy UK is applied externally to heal bruises, sprains and skin problems.

Cranberry. This herbal remedy in UK is for urinary infections.

Devil’s Claw. This is good as anti-inflammatory, pain-reliever, sedative and digestive stimulant.

Dong Quai. This is herbal remedy UK for PMS and other women problems.

Echinacea is another herbal remedy UK that is effective in boosting the immune system and in fighting infections.

Eyebright is herbal remedy UK for eye irritation, infection and serves as tonic.

Feverfew is herbal remedy UK for migraine, irregular periods, joint inflammation and pain, fevers and childbirth.

Garlic is an herbal remedy in UK used for colds, flu, high blood pressure, heart disease and skin problems.

Ginger is used for arthritis, colds, morning sickness and lowers blood pressure.

Ginkgo biloba is used as herbal remedy in UK for memory problems, blood pressure, stroke, asthma, varicose veins and others.

Siberian Ginseng. This is used to treat stress and other syndromes.

St. John’s wort is herbal remedy in UK for depression, insect bites, burns and other disorders.

Valerian is herbal remedy for insomnia, blood pressure and a relaxant.