Herbal teas with saw palmetto

´╗┐Herbal teas with saw palmetto

For thousands of years, herbal teas have been recognized to promote overall health and well-being. Herbal teas contain antioxidants that combat free radicals in our system and help the body purge toxins to achieve cellular renewal. There are hundreds of known herbal teas, many of which are commercially prepared and ready-to-drink.

One of the most widely accepted herbal plants and prepared as tea is saw palmetto. While the saw palmetto tea is considered a tonic drink in itself, other manufacturers in the natural/organic pharmaceutical business make herbal teas with saw palmetto.

What is saw palmetto?
Saw palmetto is a palm like low-lying shrub that grows in the continents of Europe, Africa and along the coasts of southeastern North America. Its fruits are around the size of olives, which turn purple black when ripe, and form clusters. It is the saw palmetto berry extracts that contain herbal benefits and used for medicinal treatments, among those is benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The medical benefits of saw palmetto in BPH for some people have been backed up by research.

Herbal Teas with saw palmetto
Natural/organic manufacturers mix herbal teas with saw palmetto for the drink to provide additional rejuvenating effects than saw palmetto alone. Whilst saw palmetto is known to relieve symptoms of BPH, data have been inconclusive as to saw palmetto tea’s ability to shrink the prostate’s size, and since most of its components are insoluble in water. Nonetheless, it’s better to put more weight on the combined health benefits of herbal teas with saw palmetto. Since there are hundreds of herbal plants, manufacturers may differ in the usage of herbal teas with saw palmetto.

Happy Man Tea, available in www.mountainroseherbs.com is a decoction of various well-known herbal plants including saw palmetto intended to improve men’s general health. The herbal plants used in this tea are all organic such as eleuthero root, dandelion root, nettle root, marshmallow root, burdock root, hawthorn berry, saw palmetto berry, fennel seed, oatstraw, as well as a pinch of stevia.

Male Energy Tea with Black Cumin Seed is an energizing tea made with a blend of herbs like ginseng, yohimbe, ginkgo, black (cumin seed), green tea, damiana, echinacea, mint, rose hips, and saw palmetto. Available at www.herbalremedies.com.

The featured herbal teas with saw palmetto are just some of the products that are a combination of saw palmetto and herbs. However, herbs also have medicinal values and although the possibility of having an overdose is thin, the FDA warns that these combinations may lead to internal bleeding. Hence, consulting a physician is advised prior to the use of herbal teas with saw palmetto.