Herbal Tincture

Herbal Tincture

Questions like “What is herbal tincture?” and “Why herbal tincture so popular these days?” are just what most people often asked when dealing with herbal-related ideas, specifically on herbal tincture. For that matter, it is very nice to know that herbal tincture is actually a product of an herb that is concentrated in alcohol. It is made by means of gradually extracting the optimum herbs that are available for over four to six week period.

Herbal tincture is one of the most purchase herbal items on the market. This is due to the fact that an herbal tincture provides some benefits to those who use it over the other forms of herbal intake. With herbal tinctures, everyone is guaranteed for a full range of necessary constituents.

For instance, the Chaparral tincture contains essential ingredients which are not really soluble in water. In this sense, the simple Chaparral tea then lacks the needed constituents which do not greatly dissolve in water. This is perhaps one of the main reasons that many tincture manufacturers rather apply a certain process of extraction without heating the herbs to make sure the conservation of the heat sensitive oils that are needed for great effect.

Numerous studies and testimonials from different people have shown that herbal tinctures are an expedient way to intake herbs. One of the supports for such claim is the fact that in 1 oz. dropper bottles with glass droppers, you can take herbal tinctures in your pocket or purse. The herbal tinctures greatly give you the opportunity to easily bring the herbs anywhere and any time, of course without the kitchen preparation.

Unlike the herbal capsules, which disintegrate and absorbed in the stomach, the herbal tinctures just begin to be digested immediately upon entering the mouth. And since alcohol is the main ingredient in herbal tinctures, it is noted that alcohol assists the absorption, but it can evaporated if you desired to place the herbal tincture in hot water.

Speaking of alcohol, it also acts as a preservative in herbal tinctures. So when you store the herbal tinctures in a dark and cool place, it can last for five years or even more. So when keeping tinctures do not expose it to heat, sunlight and air to preserve their freshness for as long as you hold them.

However, even if herbal tincture is considered as the most convenient way, the proper dosage is very much needed. Most of the experts recommended that when considering an herbal tincture, one should try first a few drops of it to see whether you are allergic to it or not, then you can add up the dosage to your needs. And the proper understanding of what the herb will do for you is important before taking it.