Herbal Vaporizer

Herbal Vaporizer

For centuries, man has always relied on nature to cure his various ills and discomforts. In fact, herbal medicine goes hand-in-hand with man’s history, making it a significant part in his everyday life of hunting, foraging, fishing, et cetera. Herbs also play a key role in various religious ceremonies, rituals, and mystic cultures, giving it the title of “divine” or “sacred.”

With the advance of research methods in today’s modern science, herbs continue to wield their influence among the people. We use them to cure our many illnesses. We consume them to keep our bodies healthy, our faces young, our energy vigorous.

Science made it possible for us to create purified mixtures of these herbs in order to increase their potency. We have tinctures, extracts, tablets, capsules, teas, liquids, and gels. And now, we also have herbal vaporizers. But what exactly are herbal vaporizers?

Herbal Vaporizer – What is it?

Herbal vaporizer is the latest “herbal craze” to hit the market today. From its name, the idea of herbal vaporizers is premised on the concept of “vaporization.” An herbal vaporizer is a mechanized version of a smoking machine, although some claim that its effect is really quite different from smoking. This is because herbal vaporizers deal with “vapors”, like in water vapors where substances remain pure and uncompromised from other chemical, potentially harmful compounds present in the air.

An herbal vaporizer is quite small, compact, and lightweight. It is usually portable, allowing its users to carry it anywhere with them. Herbal vaporizers are powered electronically although some are handy with plain batteries.

The Benefits of Herbal Vaporizers

The effect of herbal vaporizers is generally quite different to smoking herbs. You see, smoking is associated with many harmful effects, such as irritation of the throat that could lead to sore throat. When smoke escapes into the air, oxygen gets mixed with the substances present in the herb, thus forming other chemical substances that are otherwise not inherent in the plant. These chemicals may prove harmful for the body.

Another important benefit of herbal vaporizers as opposed to smoking is that this method deals with a more purified form of the herbal substance – “vapor.” Medical studies show that heavy smokers have suffered severe bronchitis and respiratory infections. By using herbal vaporizers, you reduce the irritating respiratory toxins in herbal smoke. Also, there is quite a bit of tar in smoked herbs and herbal vaporizers can reduce this to smaller amounts, keeping your respiratory tract clear and healthy.

According to several studies, the prime suspect of causing smoking-related cancers is the substance, carcinogenic polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons. These toxins are essentially a by-product of combustion, separate from the pharmaceutically active components of most herbs. With herbal vaporizers, no combustion takes place and therefore, no harmful by-product is produced.

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