Herbal Wraps

Herbal Wraps

Herbals wraps are a common sight in massage centers and spa clinics. Many claim that herbal wraps can invigorate the body. A single wrap can host a myriad of health benefits, including weight loss. Yet, despite all this attention, do any of us really know how herbal wraps came to be?

Herbal Wraps – A Little History

Stories say that the biblical Queen Esther was soaked in oils and perfumes before donning on her royal attire to stand before the king of Persia, Ahasuerus, and plead for the lives of the Jewish people. It is said that Esther had appeared to Ahasuerus as so beautiful that he readily agreed to do anything for her, going so far as to pledge half his kingdom if she but asks for it.

But Esther is not the only queen associated with the use of herbal wraps. The famous “Serpent of the Nile”, Cleopatra of Eqypt was said to wrap herself in balms made of herbs and spices to keep herself beautiful. In fact, the ancient Egyptians were the first people to use herbs as beauty products, finding countless uses for them in medicine, baths, and herbal wraps.

Today, herbal herbs are used for a variety of uses. Some herbal wraps are applied to the body and are said to promote weight loss.

Herbal Wraps for Weight Loss

Although it seems highly far-fetched to think of herbal wraps as a way of getting rid of excess fats, this product is steadily gaining popularity among dieters and weight loss enthusiasts. For some people, herbal wraps are an alternative to the more expensive spa treatments that are purported to help you lose inches while staying relaxed and stress-free.

Herbal wraps contains several herbs all known for their thermogenic properties, minerals, and vitamins for a healthier, thinner you. According to one manufacturer of herbal wraps for weight loss, this product only works if you’re careful to buy the right ones. An effective herbal wrap formula is said to shape and sculpt your body by letting you lose inches and cellulite. Also, herbal wraps contain several detoxifying agents to help cleanse and clear your skin from toxic substances, thus reducing blemishes and acne.

To start using herbal wraps for weight loss, the first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a minimum of 30 minutes quiet time by yourself. After getting rid of disturbances, start mixing up your herbal wraps formula. Follow the instructions provided in the label of your product. Then gently warm it up on the stove and add the mixture into a steamy tub of soothing bath water. Lastly, step into the tub and relax.

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