High Blood Pressure Medication

´╗┐High Blood Pressure Medication

The treatment of High Blood Pressure or Hypertension is essential. The course of treatment can be decided by the patient in consultation with his doctor. Leaving a High Blood Pressure untreated can prove fatal. Therefore, treatment of High Blood Pressure cannot be neglected. Thus, medication for High Blood Pressure is essential to prevent further complications.
Not all cases of High Blood Pressure can be medicated in the same form. The High Blood Pressure types are classified into three major groups. High blood pressure medication is different for each of them. The drugs used for the medication of high blood pressure are generally divided into eight categories. These categories are arranged, according to the stage of Hypertension.
In Stage I type of Hypertension, there are no other major health problems. The Systolic Pressure is between 140 and 159, while the Diastolic Pressure is between 90 to 99.The medication prescribed for High Blood Pressure is a simple Diuretic. Along with a healthy lifestyle to go with the medication, the High Blood Pressure is kept well under control.
In Stage II type of Hypertension, the Systolic Pressure is 159 and above, while the Diastolic Pressure is 100 and above. For this category of patients, High Blood Pressure Medication, a Diuretic and an ACE Inhibitor is recommended. The two drug formula works faster and keeps blood pressure in control. In this category, other High Blood Pressure Medications include Beta Blockers, CCBs and Angiotensin II receptor blockers.
In the Stage III type of blood pressure, the patient usually has serious health problems along with High Blood Pressure. The common problems are diabetes, heart and kidney problems, previous stroke, coronary artery disease and even previous heart attack. Medication for High Blood Pressure in such cases is usually fixed after other forms of medications have been tried out. Usually, the doctor tries to put a different High Blood Pressure Medication Strategy, where he tries to reduce blood pressure to a fixed goal.