Huge Profits From Growing Your Own Microgarden (3)

Huge Profits From Growing Your Own Microgarden

You want to be the best you can be when it comes to gardening. This is important because you want to be able to proudly show off your garden to anybody that comes to your house. This article is for you because it will provide some great free advice to help you out.

You should put chives around flower beds as it is a natural insect repellant. Flies, aphids and other pests are easily repelled using simple herbs like chives. Chives can be grown or can be purchased as any grocery store. Place a generous amount around the roses and notice the bugs stay at bay.

Grow seasonings and kitchen herbs in your garden. Herbs are generally very simple to grow, and can even be made to thrive in a window box or indoor pot. However, these easy plants are very expensive to buy at the store. Growing them yourself can save you significant amounts of money.

Choose suitable rocks for your rockery. Good rock is very expensive, but remember you are adding a permanent feature, which will be a very attractive addition to the garden. Don’t buy enormous rocks. It is much better to use 2 or 3 average sized ones rather than a single huge one. This way you can plant in the crevices between the rocks. If possible, choose a kind of rock that is found in your area of the country, to create a natural effect.

How much water do your plants need? Generally, plants need at least 1 inch of water each week. Deep watering promotes root growth far into the ground. Light sprinklings encourage shallow root growth and plants cultivated this way will be susceptible to drying out in times of drought. To lessen the need for supplemental watering, consider using mulch or working peat moss or compost into the soil.

When growing vegetables try to grow vegetables that are companions to each other. This is useful in fending off pests. Certain vegetables when planted together can produce a scent that is undesirable to pests. When you grow companion plants together you will get healthier results without the use of pesticides.

When you need to control weed growth, choose your weed killer carefully, and always follow the directions. Many weed killers have chemicals that are harmful to people if they are not applied properly. They are especially harmful to young children if the children play around an area that has recently been treated.

To save money, consider making your own garden fertilizer. For instance, broken eggshells make a great fertilizer for small gardens, indoor plants and container plants. Mix the eggshells throughout the soil to get the best effect. Eggshells even have the added benefit that they aerate the garden soil as well.

In conclusion, these are a few of the most important tips available for gardening. Go ahead and give them a try and you should be happy with your turnout. Hopefully, this will give you not only knowledge, but also the confidence to do your best in the garden.