Jamaica. The first thing that comes to your mind would most probably be Bob Marley or those African-looking guys in bright summer shirts, sporting dreadlocks, and walking to the reggae beat. Well, you definitely will not see Bob Marley there anymore, but seeing people look and dress like him is not an unlikely possibility either. However, there is a lot of interesting information about Jamaica that you need to know.

For one, Jamaica is the third biggest island in the Caribbean. It lies 635 kilometers east of the mainland of Central America, 150 kilometers south of Cuba, and 180 kilometers west of the island of Hispaniola, where Haiti and the Dominican Republic are located. Despite its somewhat small size, Jamaica is still proud of its varied topography, although most visitors never take the chance to explore the depths of its landscapes.

Another important information about Jamaica that you need to know is its weather. It promises a year-round of tropical weather which is about 30 degrees Celsius during the day, and cool tropical nights of about 20 degrees Celsius. There are consistent gentle rains that can be expected, which make cancellations of planned activities almost non existent.

The information about Jamaica’s people states that about 90% of them are of West African descent. This is so because their ancestors were said to have been abducted from Africa during the slave trade days. The remaining population is made up of mixed heritage like Arawak/Taino Indian and African, West European and African, or Chinese or East Indian. There are also some Cubans, Syrians, South Asians, Europeans, and others that help make up the island’s 2.665 million population. Even if Jamaica claims to have racial harmony, there are still insecurities hounding the plantation area. A sad information about Jamaica reveals that the different classes of the locals are still being dictated by color, and there is still persistent dislike against whites.

Religion information about Jamaica is interesting. The island claims to have the most number of churches per square mile than in any other place in the world. Even if it has basically all types of religions present, about 80% of the locals are identified as Christians.

Perhaps the most fascinating information about Jamaica is the legalization of marijuana or weed. Ganja, as it is locally known, is not considered by Jamaicans as a form of drug but as a religious or medicinal plant. Currently, up to 40% of the island’s residents use marijuana on a regular basis.

Jamaica is a lot deeper than what we really think it to be. Reading up on information about Jamaica would help us get to know this charming little island and the things that it has to offer.