International Drugs Guide

´╗┐International Drugs Guide

People at all ages may require some or the other type of medication. The developed countries show a trend of high drug prices. There comes the concept of an International Drug i.e. getting the drug from the international market and not from the home market. This has been done in the North America by importing Mexican and Canadian drugs on a large scale. The accessibility to the internet makes it all the simpler for the people to get it at lower prices from any other country nearby them.
It has become a great matter of concern and study as the hazards attached to the drug import are immense and there are high chances that the people may be getting sub standard and untested drugs. There is no regulation to confirm the authenticity of the International drugs. The lower prices come as easy bait. By the beginning of the 21st century almost a third of the American patients were importing drugs online. The lower price being the most important factor.
The drugs are properly scrutinized before giving the production license by the FDA but in case of the imported medicines there is no surety regarding the quality of the drugs. The risk involved in buying from this medium should be well understood by the customers. It is not only the standards of the drug that can be below but also the correct ingredient and the potency of the drug may also vary from country to country. The market size of United States of America is much larger then any of the bordering countries of Mexico and Canada. Thus to cater the increasing needs of the consumers in America the Canadian and the Mexican pharmacies are trying to vigorously increase their sales through the internet.
The practice of importing drugs and selling them with out the Food and Drug Authority is illegal in the states. Despite that, many institutions and even towns have claimed to have saved huge sums of money by was of importing drugs from outside the country. Now it needs to be investigated that the drug norms of Canada and Mexico are in coherence with the American laws and standards.
The US Food and Drug Authority has identified a set of a dozen drugs, which it recommends should in no possibility be brought from out side United State of America. not only are these drugs controlled for import but their trading in America also undergoes the strict standards. Thus it becomes really difficult to access these and thus they are highly priced. However the international buying of these drugs makes them more available and affordable. Accutane for acne and Lotronex for irritable bowels in women are some such drugs.
Now this phenomenon can be weighed from both negative and positive point of views. One of the major benefits of this revelation is that the coming forth of the problem of rising drug prices in North America. By this alarm the FDA has been mobilized further for the check on the international drug market. However, the health of the US citizen stands jeopardized and thus it has more negative impacts then positive. With prices substantially lower then the indigenous drugs people are lured into buying them but the FDA has to ensure that the standards are not compromised with.