Karastan Area Rugs

Karastan Area Rugs

Fully operational since 1928, Karastan area rugs have been a household name since the time that it released its very first product in April 18. It has also been synonymous with luxurious machine- made items that became very competitive with the other businesses of its kind. All of the success can only be credited by American retailer and textile manufacturer Marshall Field who was able to construct a loom that is able to re- invent the specified craftsmanship.

Due to its increasing sales, the press people have been calling Karastan area rugs as “mystery mats.” To share the moniker with the common public, the company made a huge adaptation of its very own kirman pattern for the World’s Fair between 1933- 1934 held in Chicago. Instead of just putting it up as display for the eyes to feast, they went out of the box by letting every individual walk on it. Almost 5 million left their spills, footprints and stains. They even cleaned it up in the presence of those who tried. It still stands until today, with the other half restored to its original beauty while the other half unrecognizably dirty.

­Sisalwool Classics Collection is one of the Karastan area rugs that have been weaved with the same random textural variations for a closer imitation of the produce of a genuine sisal. It is available in colors such as hemp, laurel, mahogany, basket and driftwood in selections of Agave, Belize and Zanzibar.

French Check Collection is never dull in any playroom as it gives a soothing trace. With a warm design in a contemporary setting, it is the same time unmistakably trendy in a rural area. Wherever it will be placed, it will truly stand out among the rest because of the distinct character. It is crafted made out of 100% wool imported from New Zealand in a family- tough loop pile construction as it offers that ideal blend of tangible softness and bouncy stamina. It is available in colors of blue, red, coffee, green and yellow.

American Modern Collection is sparkling and contemporary that has a sophistication that blends with a palette of sleek quarry blue, lavish thistle plum and light teak brown in a milieu of organic Calder ellipse ornamentation. It also has a cross weave with a special dyeing process that creates a lush stria and discreet waves of Tibetan effect. It is available in colors of quarry aqua, gray cliff, mesa thistle and teak ginger.

English Manor Collection is one of the Karastan area rugs that have a conventional spirit of seasoned timeworn comfort of a British chateau. It has tranquil influences of simple country living that are discreetly joined throughout the pattern contributing warmth and character. Its colors available are stratford, mahogany, brighton, cambridge and ivory.