Medicinal Herbs Powerful Medicinal Plants of Mother Earth

Medicinal Herbs – Powerful Medicinal Plants of Mother Earth

Mother Nature never fails to surprise us through her abilities to provide for us in terms of food and medicine. Before the advent of prescription medicines, doctors back then resorted to using medicinal herbs to treat certain symptoms of illnesses. Dating back as far as a millennium, people have survived on the use of medicinal plants to treat their illnesses. Nowadays, we are now reliant on over-the-counter or prescription medications, but it doesn’t mean we ruled out the use of these herbs. Some medicines and supplements contain natural herbs as their main ingredients, while medicinal herbs fall under the category of alternative medicine. The only difference between medicinal herbs and modern medicine is that the former needs scientific study to gauge their medicinal properties.
Below are some of the most powerful medicinal plants that Mother Nature is able to provide us:
1.) Marijuana – Though it is an illegal plant in the USA, it is legal in 12 states because of medicinal properties. Until the late 1970, marijuana was completely legal before it was characterized as a hard drug. The health benefits of Marijuana are documented and ranged from relief of anxiety and depression to blood pressure treatment to glaucoma treatment. The hemp is also considered as a renewable plant which offers other benefits that surpass both plastic and cotton.
2.) Korean Mint or Hyssop – Plants that involve minty flavors are always considered to have medicinal properties, and one notable mint plant is the Hyssop. Like other minty plants, the Korean Mint can do more than just alleviate headaches and stomach pains. The Hyssop is also an effective anti-viral which is ideal for battling coughs and colds. Other mints like spearmint, applemint, and regular old mint are also reported to have medicinal properties.
3.) Alfalfa – Alfalfa is used for food for livestock for a reason. The Alfalfa is rich in minerals and other healthy compounds. Dubbed as the “father of all plants”, Alfalfa contains the highest amount of protein. The Alfalfa is a native plant in the Mediterranean and Middle East but has been found in other regions in Europe and North America. The medicinal properties of Alfalfa include, but are not limited to, treating nausea and morning sickness, kidney stones and kidney pain, and symptoms of urinary discomfort. It is also noted for its ability to clean the kidney and liver, and its ability to keep cholesterol levels low.
4.) Catnip – Catnip is the marijuana of the Cat kingdom. Despite making cats crazy, it’s still noted for its medicinal properties and benefits. Catnip is an excellent remedy for colds and can also stop swelling and bleeding when applied. Catnip is also one of those mint plants, so it’s reported to have abilities that can relieve symptoms of stomach aches and migraines.
No one should ever underestimate the power of alternative medicine. Remember, medicinal herbs have been around far longer than modern medicine.