Mt Kailash, Tibet

Mt Kailash, Tibet

There are but only a handful of mountains in the world that could compete with the magnificence of Mt. Kailash, Tibet. This famous holy peak has been an object of respect and reverence among four religions from around the globe. Although it is widely recognized as the most venerated, only a few people have visited the actual site because of its remoteness.

Mt Kailash, Tibet is a huge mass of ebony rock soaring over 22,000 feet that attracts few pilgrims who dare to trek in the far regions of western Tibet just to personally see the site supremely sacred for billions of people. No known man-made vehicle can journey anywhere close to the area because of the danger it poses. The weather is also extremely cold and the journey can be unusually treacherous. The legends of Mt Kailash, Tibet are deeply rooted in the ancient folklore of Asia, with many historical accounts even before the Mahabharata was ever written.

It is in the belief of Hindus that Mt Kailash, Tibet is the royal dwelling of their Lord Shiva, where he spends most of his time performing yogic austerities, making love with Parvati and smoking ganja, which is more popularly known as marijuana in western countries. For most Hindus, the divine view atop Mt Kailash, Tibet can help them attain freedom from the control of ignorance and delusion.

Travelers and pilgrims who venture out to the mountain are often confronted with grueling task of scaling the sacred peak. Reaching the top of Mt Kailash, Tibet would normally take three days, where many devout believers risk in the hopes of gaining psychic abilities and enlightenment. Some claim that a pilgrimage around the mountain is a life changing experience and the chance to view the enthralling scenery. Climbing the Mt Kailash is firmly prohibited, in fact the only person who have reached the summit was the Tibetan Buddhist yogi named Milarepa in the 11th century. Climbing the mountain today is considered to be a terrible irreverence to the gods.

So if you ever want to experience a whole new thrill, dare to visit the much talked about mountain. Aside from viewing the snow-capped peaks up close, you can also soak in the rich culture of the Tibetan people. It will surely prove to be a worthwhile experience, especially for the wanderlust. Travel to Tibet and be transported to another place and hopefully you will be able to find and discover your true inner self.