Organic Herbal Tea

Organic Herbal Tea

We often hear the term “organic herbal tea”, however, only a few of us know the real characteristics or the overall distinction of organic herbal teas. So, why it is called as “organic herbal tea”?

In the first place, let me first define herbal tea. It is interesting to know that herbal tea is not actually tea; rather it is an herb or a combination of herbs. It is only in the United States that these combinations of herbs are called tea. Technically, they are called tisanes or infusions made herbs and not tea from the Camellia seninsis plant such as green tea.

So in terms of organic herbal tea, one should be aware that there are so many definitions of the term “organic herbal tea”. For instance, the Department of Primary industries consider organic herbal tea as herbs grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, which are genetically modified organisms or antibiotics.

As such, the organic herbs or organic herbal teas are generally harvested, prepared and transported from one place to another with the insurance that it is free from contamination of synthetic chemicals, fumigated, and irradiated.

Today, there are so many organic herbal teas offered in the market, and along with that, many companies claim their teas as organic herbal teas. Since there are really no set standards for organic herbal teas or even for organic farming, determining the legitimate organic tea is very difficult on a large scale. And much difficult, the term “organic herbal tea” may means different things to different people.

However, many herbal tea manufacturers rather choose to produce organic herbal teas with organic ingredients for some reasons and purposes. Perhaps, one of the reasons is that organic agriculture essentially optimizes the health of people as well as plants, animals and the soil.

Another reason for the manufacture of organic herbal teas is the fact that many companies greatly encourage and support organic growers, and they knew that pesticides are poisons and that they are developed to destroy living organisms. Aside from that, most of the organic herbal tea manufacturers share the same principle and that is to preserve habitat for many species, and in many societies, safe water run off from organic farms. And much interesting to know is the belief that organic herbal teas alleviate the chemical load in the body.

For such reasons, it is no wonder that most of the herbal tea manufacturers anywhere in the world greatly produce some organic herbal teas for a great number of benefits, not only to the environment, but also to the overall health.