Panic Attack Medication

´╗┐Panic Attack Medication

Many types of medication have been prescribed for panic attacks. The most common are SSRI’s such as Zoloft, Lexipro etc. all of which take some time to get into your system. I personally am allergic to SSRI’s and I couldn’t take them, that’s why I had to find a more natural cure to stop my panic attacks. When I took the SSRI’s they made my symptoms even worse and within 3 days I was in the hospital.
Eventually I found that xanax worked the best as far as medication goes. However, I have four children and I knew this couldn’t be an everyday medication. I needed to be able to function in the real world since I owned two businesses as well.
For these reasons, I went on a search to find a natural cure for panic disorder. Panic attack medications clearly were not going to work for me. Well after much research I finally found the information to help stop my disorder and become panic free for almost one year now.
I had to implement an entire lifestyle change to get rid of the panic attack medications for good. The lifestyle changes that I implemented are actually quite easy to follow and are actually healthy for you as well. I now enjoy going places again! I had panic attack induced agorophobia, in which I wouldn’t leave my house for fear of having a panic attack. I no longer live with that fear in my life.
The first thing I recommend that you do is start gaining knowledge to give you power over your panic attacks. I came across a book a little over a year ago, this book made the transition for me to stop the panic attack medication. There is so much empowering information in this book that I couldn’t even begin to cover all the information. I highly suggest that if you are going to do anything, read this book Panic Away.