Phillies Cigars

Phillies Cigars

Torn between the choices of an overly expensive cigar and the prestige accompanying it? Why should you, when you can derived somewhat the same experience with cheaper affordable brands, the brands whose tobacco components are derived from the same place that had grown exceptional tobacco for Cohiba, Punch, Hoyo de Monterrey, and so much more.

Yes the beauty of Phillies cigars is the price, a noticeable difference of more or less a hundred dollars. Being machine made, Phillies cigars manufacturer can avail to price slashing due to minimal labor. And since it allows more material efficiency and lesser wastage, the prices of Phillies cigars dropped a notch bit lower still.

All that says, too, that Phillies cigars aren’t sacrificing quality over affordability. These cigars are consciously made with the cigar experience in mind. In fact, most of the Phillies cigars’ filler are collected from exceptional tobacco farms on Cuba, Honduras, or in the Dominican Republic.

The affordable price of Phillies cigars made it more suitable for bawdy activities, such that it is often a choice cigar for leafing, cracking, packing and spliffing, because it is cheap and it also has excellent filler which can be used in junction with cannabis. Judging the Phillies cigars as symbolism to marijuana is ill of thought. Suffice to say, colloquialism is especially unearned because any Phillies cigar as a whole is already an exceptional economical cigar.

Try it, you might just like it. Cohiba, Punch, Hoyo de Monterrey, Montecristo, why buy these ludicrously priced luxury items when you can have reasonably priced Phillies cigars with the right price. There’s no need to indulge yourself onto treats that are too preposterously priced that you would begin thinking if you were being robbed. These Phillies cigars are way to go! at

JR Cigars offer the widest range to supply the broadest needs. From handmade to machine made, JR Cigars has it all. Of course, Phillies cigars are among their best sellers as Americans are now actively pursuing American brand of cigars. Range of experiences offered is wide and attractive: from black max chocolate to black max rum to black max vanilla, price range never exceeds . of course, the Phillies cigars favorite Phillies Blunt is also available at .

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