Proven Homeopathic Remedies for Children with ADHD

Proven Homeopathic Remedies for Children with ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a condition that is marked by impulsive behaviors in children that is not caused by poor child rearing but because of certain genetical abnormalities that cause them to behave as such.

If you have ever encountered a child who runs in and out of the room and excessively roll on the floor without direction, you might have seen a child with ADHD. There are also those who daydream their days away without any sign of moving back to normal affairs and others could sit inattentively for a couple of hours straight. While normal children could display various symptoms that characterize ADHD, their behaviors could still be distinguished clearly. Nevertheless, symptoms of ADHD could be quite hard to distinguish as there are other conditions that display similar indications.

Normally, ADHD is treated with medications like oral antihypertensives, Ritalin and antidepressants. Even with careful observation and administration, side effects could still arise. Additionally, most drugs can’t be recommended with children 6 years and below since many of them could have adverse effects such as toxicity. Lack of dosage could also affect the health of the child due to lack of proper measures that would determine the negative drug interactions.

Researches propose though of some proven homeopathic remedies for children with Attention deficit Hyperactivity Disorder that are effective in the treatment of disorder. Some of them are the following:

• Anacardium: This is often recommended for children who feel isolated, put down, pathologically inferior, and separated from the world.

• Argentum nitricum: This works specifically for those who have inner aggression that manifest through having sensations of an evil speaking to one ear and an angel speaking to another, for malicious and cruel patients and for those who act like they have no conscience.

• Aranea ixabola: This helps treat children with fascination on spiders and those who excessively tease.

• Baryta carbonica: This works for children with apparently delayed or arrested developments.

• Baryta iodatum: This is indicated for patients displaying difficulty of concentration, restlessness, nervousness and canine-like appetite.

• Belladonna: This homeopathic treatment is used for those who have the tendency towards poor learning, night terrors and associated conditions, and sensitivity to noises.

• Bismuthum subnitricum: This treatment is used for children who excessively cling to their mothers or caregivers.

• Calcarea phosphorica: This is recommended for children with symptoms such as dissatisfaction, frustratyion, restlessness, shyness, and fussiness.

• Cannabis indica: This homeopathic remedy is indicated for children who have space disorientation, inattentiveness, and confusion, has the fear of going insane, with derealization, and has problems with attention.

• Ferrum metallicum: This is given to children who have sluggish mind and have difficulty in recollecting memories, for those who have anemia or frequent headaches and those who display particularly strange like or dislike on tomatoes.

• Gallic acidum: This is given to patients who display dislike with their loved ones.

• Hyoscyamus: This is a homeopathic remedy for children with difficulty on controlling impulses, excessive talking with manic episodes which can result to hitting or screaming, with depression after each episode.

• Stramonium: This is proven for children with violent and fearful nature. Those with extreme hyperactivity, and for those who tend to have fast, loud and incoherent speech.

These are just some of the proven homeopathic remedies for children with ADHD. For safer use, you could consult your child therapist so as to prevent any adverse effects.