Semi Trucks and Drug Trafficking

Semi Trucks and Drug Trafficking

Drug dealers and smugglers use all forms of transportation in order go keep up with the supple and demand of this underground industry. Since semi trucks move all over the country, it is only practical to assume they are used for this purpose as well. Under the pretense of delivering actual goods, many trucks travel along the highways with drugs in the trailers. In these types of instances, the truck drivers are aware of what they are hauling. They often due it for the amount of money they can earn hauling it.

In other instances, the truck driver and the trucking company aren’t aware of the drugs on their vehicles. The drugs are placed behind the wheels of the vehicle or even in some of the merchandise in the trailer. The drug smuggling is a process that is done behind the scenes among individuals at various cargo pick up and delivery points.

The FDA is always on the look out for suspicious activities that take place with semi trucks. They pay close attention to the trucks that are coming in and out of docks. Suspicious activity that is reported is quickly investigated. They have the right to use drug dogs in order to check the inside of the cab if they suspect drugs are on board. They also have special gauges and tools they can use to check for drugs stored in gas tanks or under the vehicle.

Sometimes the drugs found in semi trucks are for personal use. That is quite dangerous when you consider the professional responsibilities that come with being a truck driver. To help alleviate such issues, most truck drivers have to belong to a drug pool. These are in place by the companies they drive for and owner operators can sign up to become part of one on their own. If the driver is randomly pulled for a drug test they will be contacted. They have a set period of time to comply with taking the test. If they drive over the road they will be given instructions on where they can go in the area to have the drug testing done.

While most truck drivers are hard working individuals who strive to make a living doing what they enjoy, others take the easy way and want to earn the money associated with drug trafficking. The risks are very high though and any truck driver caught with drugs in or on the vehicle can be charged with possession. It can be very difficult for a truck driver who is innocently the transport without knowing it to prove they are not part of the process.