Should I take generic drugs?

Should I take generic drugs?

Yes is the answer, generic drugs must show that they
are bioequivalent to the original.

They release just as much active ingredient in to the
blood stream over exactly the same time period in
other words they work exactly the same as the original
in every way.

The regulation and safety of generic drugs is just as
rigorous as branded drugs and is just as tough.

Generic drugs are manufactured in exactly the same way
as the branded alternative and the facilities in which
they are produced must adhere to exactly the same
guidelines and regulations.

In fact 50% of generic drugs are produced by
companies, which also produce branded products.

Generic drugs look different to branded versions
because the look of the branded pill is often
patented, so the generic version although containing
exactly the same active ingredient differs in the
non-active components to make the drug look different.

The vast majority of drugs prescribed are generics.

Talk to your Doctor about the medication you are
prescribed if you have any concerns. They should be
able to give you accurate advice of the drug, its
effects and side effects; the important thing is to be

Generic drugs are cheaper than the original so reduce
medical bills significantly. Sometimes especially if
it is a new drug a generic version won’t be available.