Should You Order Through An Online Pharmacy?

Should You Order Through An Online Pharmacy?

For almost seven years now people have been able to buy their prescription drugs through an online pharmacy. When these Internet drug stores opened, many customers found the convenience to their liking. It was easier to go to an online pharmacy than to go to the local drug store.

There are many corner pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens which offer an online pharmacy for their customers. These drug stores offer home deliveries for the prescriptions. The customer can call in to refill their medications. This online service is a convenience for the customer. It helps to build good community relationships. This type of online pharmacy deals with the customers who have written prescriptions from their physician. Nothing can be done without the proper medical paperwork. The computer systems available to these pharmacists will alert the drug counter if there is a problem with medications which may interact with other medicines. The consumer is kept safe from overdoses or allergic reactions.

Many people are finding the cost of prescription drugs in the United States to be escalating beyond their means. They are turning to alternative avenues to gain access to their medications. Some people are even ordering from overseas distributors. This has opened a new type of online pharmacy. In some cases it might not be legal.

Many of the sites which offer prescription medications from their online pharmacy will sell to people who do not have a prescription. They have a house physician which will write which ever prescription is needed for the medicine. This is not only illegal, it is extremely dangerous. Without a thorough examination, the drugs may cause an adverse reaction. The other problem the medicine it’s self. There have been reports of more than one online pharmacy which was delivering substandard medications to the customer.

In order to safely order medications through an online pharmacy, there are some things the buying public can be aware of to keep them safe. First and foremost is the board of pharmacy seal. Any online pharmacy which does ligitimite business will be issued a seal which certifies the pharmacy is registered to do business online. Consumers should check for the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites seal. This Vipps seal will show the pharmacist has been certified with the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. Please note that there are very few pharmacies which have this seal.

There are benefits to ordering from an online pharmacy. There are disadvantages, as well. The consumer has the convenience of ordering online and having the medication delivered to the door. The problem is the prescription must be faxed or mailed to the pharmacy. The customer may also have the online druggist contact his or her doctor. Cost is a significant issue when ordering online. The trouble with this is that it is illegal to order prescription drugs from overseas. The FDA may not be prosecuting to the fullest extent for this practice. It warns though, that the practice of ordering from an online pharmacy may result in the customer getting substandard medications.

The consumer should always use caution when ordering their prescription medications. It may be beneficial to speak with their doctor before using an online pharmacy. The physician could direct the patient to a certified online drug store. It is best to be cautious than to jeopardize one’s health.