Slide In Campers: Your Camping Experience Is Incomplete And Dull Without One

Slide In Campers: Your Camping Experience Is Incomplete And Dull Without One

Slide in campers are extremely famous among campers worldwide. These slide-in pop-up campers are durable, light weight, priced reasonably, and meet customer’s specific requirements.

Tundra is a leading company that has been endorsing and manufacturing the best of slide in campers. The company is dedicated to provide the best since its establishment in the market forty two years back. These campers promises to fit each lifestyle and this is the reason that people have appreciated and embraced these campers. Here are some of the best features included in slide in campers by Tundra.

a) Tire-turning angle:
These slide-in campers have enhanced tire-turning angle. This helps reducing the turning circle. The rear suspension has shocks mounted outboard of the leaf springs similar to the ford F150. This works towards enhancing the dampening proficiency of the shock.

b) Brakes:
There is a four-wheel disk brake system that utilizes large ventilated rotors front and rear. The front rotors are 13.9 inches in diameter and 1.26 inches in thickness. These also consist of four-piston calipers. The unique Brake-force distribution optimizes brake pressure at each wheel and provides greater control during braking. The amazing brake assist system is engineered in a fashion to analyze whether the driver is attempting emergency braking.

c) Traction control:
These slide-in campers are equipped with Automatic Limited-Slip Differential (ALSD). The unique combination of A-LSD and Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) is considered as a standard equipment. The VSC system of this slide in pop-up camper integrates traction on all models. This also enhances traction on or off-road via keeping the vehicle going on the direction it intends to.

d) 4×4 compatibility:
The unique combination of A-LSD and VSC provides better traction to the two-wheel drive. The 4×4 configuration provides a part-time, shift-on-the fly four-wheel drive system. The system features a six-pinion planetary reduction gearset in order to provide high and low ranges.

e) Safety:
These slide-in pop-up campers feature the best and widely recognized star safety system. The system includes Brake Assist, Traction Control, ABS, Vehicle Stability Control and Electronic Brake Force distribution.

f) Towing:
This is the major attraction of slide in pop-up campers. The tow package is available on all V8 models and is standard on double cab long-bed models. The package starts with a one-piece hydro-formed towing receiver integrated in to the frame. The structure of towing package attaches to each side of the frame around the rear spring staples frame with twelve bolts.

g) Front office:
The driver in front office of slide in campers is surrounded by a U-shaped command and control. This control center supplies an unobstructed view of the road and also measures it. It keeps all the knobs, buttons and switches close.

h) Electronics:
The regular cab DX model is available with a standard AM/FM/CD stereo. This is equipped with four speakers and an audio input jack. The audio systems can play mp3/WMA formatted CDs.

Slide in campers provide excellent comfort and security to travelers while on a camping adventure. Additionally, these campers are tough enough to withstand harsh weather conditions and adverse road situations. Most people across the globe have recognized the slide in campers as the ultimate choice for camping. One can feel at home in these slide-in campers.