Acne Medication

Acne Medication Acne is a skin inflammation that can be caused by some factors like contact with an oily substance, use of certain acne medication, steroid on the contraceptive pill, and the secretion of androgens. Today, more than 90 percent of the world’s acne patients respond to acne medication, although some of the treatments took …

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Oral Acne Medication Options

Oral Acne Medication Options At the onslaught of puberty, many teens suffer from various radical changes – physical, physiological, emotional.. you name it! Of course, one of the most apparent transformations is that of the physical changes. Aside from the males developing more muscles and moustache and females developing their breasts and hips, there’s this …

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Prescription Acne Medication

Prescription Acne Medication The prescription acne medications are one of the many alternatives commonly used today for the treatment of acne. These prescription acne medications may vary according to certain forms. They can be in the form of topical medication or systemic medication or therapies. Both of these prescription acne medications greatly play a vital …

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