Psoriasis Lotions and Creams

´╗┐Psoriasis Lotions and Creams Psoriasis Lotions and Creams Psoriasis is a skin condition which creates a thick build up of extra skin on the surface of the body. These thick skin patches are referred to as psoriasis plaques, and they often develop on the scalp, knees and elbows. Some psoriasis sufferers however, get the scaley …

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Psoriasis Medications

´╗┐Psoriasis Medications he types of psoriasis medications used for treatment depends on how severe the case of psoriasis is, and how the person has responded to previous medications and treatment. Most of the time, psoriasis medication starts with topical creams, ointments and salves, then moves on to Ultraviolet (UV) light treatment. Sometimes the UV light …

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