Teen Drug Use Warning Signs

´╗┐Teen Drug Use Warning Signs

Teen drug use is on the rise again with the recent introduction of club drugs and the rapid spread of methamphetamines. Teens are exposed to more and more opportunities to use drugs through the increase in availability as well as opportunity since many parents work, leaving their children home alone.

Parents Must Be aware of their children’s actions, so they can detect possible signs of drug use. While some warning signs are evidence of depression, many signs present in a child are more indicative ofdrug use rather than depression.

Parentingteens.com cites numerous warning signs at home and in a school environment. The signs include a sudden change in friends, a significant drop in academics, fatigue, loss of interest in family outings, physical and verbal abuse toward others (especially those they love), lying, unhappiness, change in general appearance, and behavior. There are many other signs of warning when a child is using drugs. Try to stay in tune with your teen in order to quickly pick up on any sudden changes. If your teen is spending a lot of time in their room, then take the initiative to spend time with them in their room, perhaps watching television. Encourage your teen to open up and talk to you.

Teen drug use will always be a universal problem. The way to keep it from becoming your problem is to talk to your child and let them know you have a no tolerance rule in place for drugs. Let them know drugs will never be welcomed in your home, and always remind them how much you love them.