The Loss of Rights in the United States

´╗┐The Loss of Rights in the United States

Please help protect YOUR rights! WE the American people are being hit HARD by our Federal System. A woman by the Name of Angel Raich just lost her case in the Ninth District Court for the right to use Medical Marijuana as all else has failed her. Now in the United States the Judges care more about hanging on to their jobs more than what is right by the people.As in my case I used to be a Security Guard and was attacked on the Job when I tried to stop the theft of TNT. It was later found that it was going to be used at a School in Calif, or at a Business. Now After 20 some years Doctors have tried everything for me that they can. Even up to giving me 500MG of Morphine a day and 60MG of Endocet. I was still going through 12 or more convulsions a day then blacking out from all the pain. On my Website you can see that at C-7 fluid from my Spine is being blocked and crushing into my cord. My case is at last starting to be heard in the Federal Court of Appeals. Now is the time for us all to stand up for what is right. Why are we going across the world killing others to protect rights when here in the United States the Federal Government takes Land and the Rights of people away at whim no matter what WE vote for. Now I am getting known World Wide and will help you in return for spreading the word about what the United States Federal Government doing to people.