The Pros and the Cons in Chocolate Consumption

´╗┐The Pros and the Cons in Chocolate Consumption

Researchers and Scientist brought some news for chocolate lovers stating that it may be essential for the body. These groups of individuals has a preliminary evidence on their reports stating that cocoa and other chocolates have the ability to normalize a high blood pressure for a hypertensive persons, makes the blood regulates well and make the heart function healthy. According to this study, there is substance called Nitric Oxide which is produce and regulated by cocoa. This Nitric Oxide is a compound essential for a healthy and well blood flow and also for blood pressure. Other studies reveal that a Flavanol in cocoa triggers any fatty substances in the bloodstream in order to avoid clogging of the arterial and even makes the platelets act by sticking together and prevent blood clots. There are 4,000 kinds of compound sources which are potential for this kind of activity and one of those is compound found in chocolate called Flavonoids which was secreted from cocoa bean. Cocoa bean is a component of chocolate. The term used for these flavonoids in cocoa is flavanols.

In general, studies have found that this dark chocolate has high components of flavonoids compare to white ones. It is a way that the cocoa powder and syrups of this chocolate are processed that removes essential flavonoids. A rationale on this study shows that the more intake of flavanol in the human body also relates the intense activity of Nitric Oxide. This Nitric Acid has a very significant role in maintaining a healthy blood pressure and even in the cardiovascular system.

Chocolate is known as a good source of promoting good blood flow. According to studies and researches performed by scientists and researchers, a low dose of aspirin performs exactly the same to a flavonol that can be found in cocoa and chocolate. And this activity promotes a healthy blood flow. So it will reduce the possibility of blood clotting and also reduces any risk of possible stroke or even heart attack to a person with high blood pressure. This would only mean that a person with allergic symptoms to aspirin may eat a flavanol rich food which is in the composition of a chocolate. Though, it’s not a medicine, it is considered as a best alternative approach. The explanation goes as the blood platelet activity is related the benefits produce by Nitric Oxide.

It has been studied and observed that several bioactive components, compounds and substances in chocolate are proven to promote a state of alertness, promote a well-being, and even lessen pain. Facts show that a stimulants caffeine, theobromine, phenylethylamine, and tyramine provide a brain fogged for a desire needed lift. Tryptophan, an essential amino acid works to lessen any form of anxiety by the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin; endorphins, the body’s neutral opiates; all of these are categorized to lessen body pain. Other compound like Anandamide serves similar to cannabinoid which promote and regulate relaxation. Chocolate is also a natural kind of analgesic.

A summary for these studies and research would only state that eating chocolate in its recommended amount will give enough energy lift, lessen the anxiety, and a reduction to a possible pain. However, Nutritionists, and Biochemists could always argue that chocolates doesn’t contain much of these beneficial and health giving benefits. For example, Nutritionists, and Biochemists will say that caffeine is a substance the make us alert but there is a less amount of caffeine in chocolate if they have to compare it to a cup of plain coffee. There are only 30 milligrams of caffeine in a bar of chocolate but there is 100-150 milligrams of caffeine is present on a plain cup of coffee. Another situation is the feeling of being alert for a while after consuming a bar of chocolate. However, that temporary good feeling of satisfaction is most likely to be changed by an activity of sugar induced drop energy that brings fatigue even compared before eating a chocolate. Another compound is the anandamine that can cause a feeling of being “high”; a feeling associated in the effect of taking marijuana.