There’s Nothing Bad In Steroids!

There’s Nothing Bad In Steroids!

You often see/hear/read a lot of people speaking spitefully about anabolic steroids, but completely disagree with their dear opinions. In fact, these seasoned agitators are completely ignoring the good these drugs can do to humans. I ask these gentlemen advocating against anabolic steroids, why do they create so much fuss, if people buy steroids for their betterment?

Certainly, everyone has right to live and look better. I can’t really understand, why such ado, if some guys buy steroids just to make themselves fit for survival. What harm they are doing to the society, if they buy steroids to treat some of their diseases and disorders that are caused by low secretion of their natural testosterone in their bodies.

Honestly, there’s nothing bad – if some people buy steroids to improve their sexual powers and libidos. Frankly, there’s nothing unscrupulous, if some people buy steroids to improve their strength & stamina or power & performance. Genuinely, there’s nothing immoral, if some people buy steroids to sexually satisfy their partners.

Can these malicious minded gentry tell me, what wrong do they see, if some people buy steroids to treat their chronic wasting diseases, such as, Cancer and AIDS? Do these gentlemen have any problem, if the people suffering from cancer and AIDS could live little longer by just using anabolic steroids? Are these people arguing for mere argument sake? Let me tell some good points of anabolic steroids.

Anabolic steroids are wonderful drugs for treating the disorders, such as, delayed puberty in teens, general weakness, weak libido, penal dysfunction, which usually occur due to the deficiency of natural testosterone in body. You know, some people are really shy sharing such problems with others. They genuinely need anabolic steroids, but due to strict laws & polices on steroids, they buy steroids illegitimately from illegal sources, which often provide them with fake steroids, which are really more harmful. Steroids also have powerful ability to fight chronic wasting diseases. They can also help aging people live healthy life in their later years. These people really need steroids, but they can’t buy steroids easily.

I admit steroids have side effects, but they are mostly associated with the steroid abuse and over use or excessive use of steroids.
Steroids cause side effects, if they are used for longer periods or permanently. They are pretty safe, if used rightly, in right doses, for limited time period.