What you should know before you buy Steroids

What you should know before you buy Steroids

Steroids are basically derivatives of various hormones. These synthetic substances find extensive medical use and have been integrated into the field of medicine since the early 1930s. Steroids are highly popular with sportspeople and teenagers due to their ability to effectively enhance strength and boost growth in short periods of time.

However, many sportsmen prefer to overdose themselves with steroids and this leads to various undesirable side effects. Hence, many countries including the United States of America have imposed severe restrictions on the manufacture, distribution and intake of these substances. Many nations also list them as “controlled drugs”.

Currently, steroids can also be bought in specific “steroid stacks”. These are synergic combinations of two or more steroids which can perform multiple functions such as increasing muscle growth as well as reducing extra flab considerably.

The most commonly used steroid hormones include Anadrol, Clenbuteral, Deca-Durabolin, Anavar, Dianabol etc. The derivatives of these are presently sold in various stacks and are extremely popular in the fields of sports and bodybuilding. Various derivative steroids are manufactured to serve different needs including instant strength and muscle building. Perhaps the most incredibly popular use is the fat-reducing properties of Clenbuteral which are known to work almost instantly.

Although, anabolic steroids are highly beneficial and effective, extreme caution needs to be exercised when buying them. Drugs, as a whole, cannot be taken lightly and the user must do his research before attempting to buy or use them. Many common side-effects of anabolic steroids are elevated blood pressure, increase in acne, liver damage, cardiovascular complications etc. Hence, it is unwise to purchase steroids unless accordingly prescribed by medical professionals.

One other point to be considered is legal issues concerning anabolic steroids. These are banned by almost all major sports bodies and athletes found guilty of steroid injection may be banned from competition permanently.

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Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids or AAS are a class of steroids widely recognized for instant strength and growth enhancement. These steroids, although manufactured for purely medical purposes, are extensively used in sports and bodybuilding as well. Their basic medical uses include artificial bone growth, puberty induction, appetite improvement and maintenance of male sexual characteristics.

Unfortunately, many sportsmen choose to take unnecessarily large doses to enhance their performance and end up with many harmful side effects. The most damaging side effects include: Premature infertility, undesirable enlargement of sexual organs, unnatural and instant increase in blood pressure, elevated acne, disturbance in catabolism cycles, violent behavior, liver damage and heart complications.

However, when used in the right way, these substances can prove to be invaluable in training and performance in sports and athletic competition. Clenbuteral, a famous steroid class, is known to burn fat and thus reduce bodyweight almost instantly. It also helps muscle building and is the choice of many bodybuilders. Deca-Durabolin, another type of steroids, is capable of increasing bodyweight and strength without adding to bodyweight. Very often, steroids are consumed in “stacks” which are specific combinations of the drugs. These stacks are designed to perform multiple functions like increasing muscle mass while burning body fat at the same time.

Anyone looking to buy anabolic steroids must realize the dangers associated with their usage. Most importantly, their side-effects need to be considered and the buyer must seek professional help regarding dosage. Also, due to overuse, many countries have now classified anabolic steroids as “controlled drugs”. It is an offence across the globe to possess anabolic steroids without sufficient permission or a valid prescription. Moreover, major sports organizations including the Olympics, FIFA, NHL, NFL etc. have imposed a ban on the use of steroids.

Illegal dealers have also entered the “steroid” market and buyers are advised to be extra careful when choosing legitimate distributors. Any dealings with illegal agents may lead to serious legal trouble.